How To Use The Indian Fire Bowl

How to use the Indian Fire Bowl

Once you have unpacked the bowl, grill and stand – simply turn the stand over, place the bowl on top and then the grill.

 When you have found a suitable place for the fire pit – the drain hole should be covered with a broken pot then we suggest putting a layer of sand in the bottom (say 5cms) and then build the fire on this. This lifts the fire closer to the grill and helps protect the metal bottom of the bowl. Simply use the fire pit with dry wood, charcoal or BBQ briquettes as the fuel. The bowl set is delivered covered in a protective wax finish - this will 'burn' off in about 30 minutes.

 Remember the metal parts do get hot.

When you have finished using the fire bowl – leave it to cool down (overnight). We suggest the fire pit is covered so that the ash is nice and dry for the next lighting. For long term protection we suggest either using a cheap cooking oil or a product such as Owatrol Oil to paint the bowl each year. If you aren't going to use the bowl over the winter we suggest you keep it in a shed or at least covered. If you use a fabric cover we suggest you put a ball or flower pot under the cover to help the water run off.

 Safety - Do not use the bowl indoors - it is for outdoor use only! Do not use petrol to light the fire. Also, keep children and animals away from the fire pit as the parts do get hot.