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Tripod Stand and Hanging Kadai Cooking Bowl - FREE UK DELIVERY

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Upgrade your fire bowl bbq experience with our fantastic cooking tripod and hanging cooking bowl. Great for many uses such as curries, chillies, casseroles, stews and mulled wine.

Ideal to use with our 60cm, 70cm, 80cm and 90cm fire bowls or alternatively directly on the ground over an open fire.

The Kadai cooking bowl will need seasoning with oil throughout its life to keep it in good condition.


Tripod Stand (1 metre tall)

3 Adjustable Chains With Hooks

Kadai Karahi Cooking Bowl (36cm Diameter, 13cm Deep)

Before First Use:

Our hand-made cooking bowl has a food-safe, protective coating to protect it during transport and will require a traditional curing process.

1. Firstly to remove the coating heat the bowl to a medium temperature and then wash thoroughly in warm soapy water.
2. Once thoroughly dried then apply a thin coat of any cooking oil.
3. Heat the bowl once more, but this time to a hotter temperature so that the oil gives of a little smoke.
4. Allow the bowl to cool and repeat step 3 several times until an even, black coat is achieved.

To keep the kadai cooking bowl in an ideal condition you can repeat the oiling process whenever necessary as cooking or heating some foods may degrade the oiled finish. The more it is used, the better the non-stick finish becomes. Please avoid cleaning the bowl in the dishwasher as this will remove the natural oiled finish.

Cooking Bowl Care And Maintenance:

Wash after each use and heat to a medium temperature to thoroughly dry and drive off any moisture.

Once dry, wipe over with a little cooking oil. Important: If the item is going to be put away for an extended period of time we recommend that it is oiled both inside and out for greater protection.